2010, 2014

Three security guards go into a pub, Nothing Happens  - Simon Munnery

  1. Catalyst Gallery 2014

Catalyst Gallery, Belfast, filled incrementally with security guards over the course of their annual culture night event. The guards became more physically assertive over time. CCTV footage, recorded by the gallery's security cameras, was displayed for the remainder of the exhibition.

An annotated performance score was published alongside the exhibition, and can be read here.

2.  NCAD Thomas Street, Dublin 2010

An imitation airport security checkpoint was installed in the gates of the National College of Art. Actors disguised as a security gards took personal details, frisked and searched students and pedestrians. Despite an uninumbered passage to the side of the apparatus, all members of the public complied with the guards.

In anticapation of the performance, a dummy university website was circulated on social media.