︎ Jonah King (b. 1985) is an artist, filmmaker and writer exploring technology, intimacy and collectivity. King’s work has been exhibited at institutions including the Irish Museum of Modern Art, The New York Jewish Museum, and Fotografiska Stockholm. Their films have received official selections at the Oberhausen Film Festival and London International Motion Pictures Awards. Recent solo exhibitions include Wonsook Kim University Galleries(Ilinois), Clima(Milan), Weekend(Seoul), and Meyohas(New York). This year King coproduced their first theatre production at the Dublin Fringe Festival. Jonah recieved a BFA in Fine Art Media from NCAD(Dublin), an MFA from Columbia University, and attended the Skowhegan School. King is a reciepient of the Owen Walsh Award, Andrew Fisher Fellowship and is a Rema Hort Mann Nominee. Their work is represented in the Irish State Collection. King works between Dublin and Brooklyn.

“Artist Jonah King explores the warmth of a simple human gesture as it exists within a digital realm.”  

“[Jonah King’s work]celebrates the resilience of human tenderness within the sleepless mechanisms of digital technology. It examines the contradictions of connection in an age when human intimacy is often at odds with our “always-on” digital realities.”
- Zach Buckley, Curator at University Galleries ISU

“It’s useful to think of Jonah’s work in the scope of his projects rather than the singular pieces they produce—the video and the objects are documentation and perspective of this event happening rather than the event, and the artifact ends up confusing the fact with fiction much like actors and movie props. His work elaborates on elements from parafiction, post-truth tricksters to create loving narratives. It is certainly pointed towards our political climate, but not in the form of didactic political criticism.”
- Anthony Hamilton, Sight Specific Magazine

“The individual or social unit requires reconstruction through a series of discrete, contextual points of evidence, videos depict the individual as equally complex and contingent, but more monophonically drawn. In Jonah King’s work, the body, intimate as it is, is captured, reproduced and violently modulated.”
- Adam Harper, Lecturer in the aesthetics of technology in music at Goldsmiths University, Oxford University; critic at The Wire

“I identify Jonah as part of an emerging constellation of artists whose preoccupations with religious or spiritual rites and super- physical eventualities, indicate the wish reincorporate instinctive, non-verbal communication into an art discourse”
- Padraic E. Moore, Independent Curator

“I was drawn to the work of Jonah King. There were really sweet moments when both very young children and elderly people were captivated by Jonah’s piece […] the audience was expanded not only in the sense that it was international but also different ages.”
- Artforum

“Bodies of Water is a sly meditation on life, art and all we leave behind.”

- The Irish Times