Jonah King 

is an artist, filmmaker & writer exploring technology, intimacy and collectivity.︎


Film & Video —
Bodies of Water;
How The West Was Won;
The Way You Need To Be Held;
2 Birds 1 Stone;
Confluence I

Sculpture & Performance —
OK Boomer / The Good News Is He Thinks I’m God;
Harvest Gyre;
All My Friends Are In The Cloud;
The Possibility of C60p;
Nothing Happens;
Dowser Suits

Writing —

1.pdf ( leaving omelas );
2.pdf ( mt. bugarach );
3.pdf ( 2 birds 1 stone );
4.pdf ( connacht );
5.pdf ( broken image )

Bodies Burning at the Edges
No Signal
Exchange Dublin
(eg) Gallery
Office of Public Works



Exchange Dublin


Founded by Jonah King, Andreas Kindler, Dylan Haskins

Exchange Dublin was a multidisciplinary arts centre located at the heart of Dublin’s “cultural quarter”, Temple Bar. It is an all-ages, non-commercial, alcohol-free space, run entirely by volunteers and supported by the Irish Arts Council.

I spent one year (2009-2010) as director and coordinator of Exchange Dublin. During that time I co-created an experimental organizational system towards a inclusive, collectivist process that could run without fixed, heirarchical managerial positions.
It drew upon Open Space Technology︎, Consensus Decision Making︎ and Free Culture principals︎. 

The center was open seven days a week and hosted approximately 4000 events over six years. I had a registered network of over 9,000 participants and 200 volunteers. Exchange Dublin closed its doors in 2015.

Exchange Dublin recieved generous support form Irish Arts Council, Temple Bar Cultural Trust, Dublin City Council, Project Arts Centre.It was located on Exchange Street, Temple Bar, Dublin.