“Three security guards go into a pub, NOTHING HAPPENS” - Simon Munnery

Catalyst Gallery, Belfast, filled incrementally with security guards over the course of their annual culture night event.
The guards became more physically assertive over time.

CCTV footage, recorded by the gallery's security cameras, was displayed for thr remainder of the exhibition.


CONFLUENCE I: 25.209309, 82.931918

HD Video 07:50

Made in Collaboration with: Julia Metzger-Traber, Davide De Lilis, Aditya, Gulnaz Bano, Muhamma d Shadiq, Muhammad Imran, Mansi, Imran Mehmood, Dinkar Mishra, Insha Rehman, Neha Seth, Nitish Singh, Sadhana Singh, Ajeet Singh, Alkesh Singh, Ummehani, Shivam Vishwakarma. Sound by Sharon Phelan. Supported by NIRMAN, Varanasi.